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Application for invitation form of application

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Posted 03 July 2006 - 10:44

Current conditions of clan reception.

An applications to Furious Steel is possible only for nobles characters level 101 or DD and 101 for support. Also, the clan prefers that you have at least 8 Ability Points. It is necessary that all characters that apply have a dual class level 97 or above, preferably a support class.
Exceptions are possible only for those who have constant party members in clan or who can get recommendations from current clan member(s), relatives or real friends in clan.

Please copy and paste the application template below to a new thread in the recruitment section.

Your Application will be locked once a decision has been made, be as accurate as possible and good luck...
Furious Steel is actively recruiting people with North American prime time, for such individuals we may view applications even if you do not fit to our conditions.

(clan rules will be public soon)

Application Form:
1. Name of character:
2. Class (level, number of APs) and subs (level):
3. Equipment:
a. Weapon (enchant, SA, element, Dark/Bloody):
b. Armor set (enchant, element, Dark/Bloody):
c. Jewelry:
d. Brooch:
4. What Dyes are you using (tattoos):
5. Previous clan(s) - Reason(s) for leaving:
6. Previous characters (names):
7. Real name:
8. Age:
9. Are you emotional:
10. Your location (time zone):
11. How much time you spend in game:
12. Experience in game:
13. Why have you chosen our clan:
a. How can you be useful to Furious Steel:
b. What do you expect from Furious Steel:
14. Are you able to attend sieges, clan scheduled raids:
15. Can you participate in and enforce Olympiad:
16. Are you willing to use ventrilo:
17. Can you lead or be led:
18. Planned breaks from game (examinations, holidays, business trips):
19. Do you accept clan rules and will you follow them:
20. Who in Furious Steel can vouch for you (if any):
21. Additional information about you (if you will) - hobbies, etc.

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Posted 06 October 2014 - 16:03

Constant Party Request Form:

Furious Steel consists of many different constant parties. Because the clan is so large, constant parties allows the clan to be broken into groups rather than addressing each player individually. For that reason we ask that as part of being a member of Furious Steel you complete this form.

1. Name of character:
2. Class (level, number of APs) and subs (level):
3. Equipment:
a. Weapon (enchant, SA, element):
b. Armor set (enchant, element):
c. Jewelry:
d. Brooch:
Real name:
5. Age:
6. Are you emotional:
7. Your location (time zone):
8. When is your prime time to play (how often do you play):
9. Are you willing to use ventrilo:
10. Can you lead or be led:
11. Additional information about you (if you will) - hobbies, etc.

This information will help find a group of people that hopefully fits to your play style. Find a group that you enjoy to hang out with, make friends, enjoy the game and work together to become better. Welcome to Furious Steel.

Once a constant party is made please be sure to inform an officer. Also, please post your CP members and their gear in the FS forum location. This will allow your CP to have its own vent channel and you will be recognized as a group for Furious Steel’s points system. This will allow you to pool your points together.
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